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CommComm's team of content producers, community managers, and social media managers offer a full suite of services to help achieve your key objectives.


What we do

CommComm’s team delivers the services you need to build a community around your brand, product or service. We specialize in Web3, providing high quality community moderation, content, and customer support supported by the latest technology and tools.

Community Moderation

CommComm provides near instant support to the thousands of users and developers asking questions about your project across all channels at incredibly affordable rates.

Community Creation

We can help you start a brand new community using the platform best suited for your needs and that will reach your intended audience from day one.

Community Growth

Using a mix of organic and paid methods, CommComm can grow your community into the thousands of members whether it's on traditional social media, forum/groups or real-time messaging platforms.

Derek Silva, you rock dude! Every time I come back to take a look, you're doing good work. Thank you for being Bloom's spirit!

Jeffrey Kevin

Great post and great job Derek, you’re the perfect match for Community Relations - keep up the great work.

Cate Colgan

Gotta say Derek, top notch in getting responses out to inquiring minds. The best Telegram I am subscribed to by far.

Bloom Telegram


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Get in touch to discuss your needs and we can provide you a custom plan tailored to your target audience and product or service. A CommComm team member will respond within two business days.

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